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Is Alt Divorce Right for You?
1. Would you favor a process that helps you maintain a civil relationship with your ex-spouse?
2. Would you prefer resolving your separation out of court?
3. Do you want to minimize the costs associated with your separation process?
4. Would you prefer a separation process that puts your kids first?
5. Do you wish to move on with your life as quickly as possible?
6. Would you want your kids to have a voice in this process?
7. Are you afraid or anxious of working with lawyers?
8. Do you want to be in control of your separation?
9. Would you like to feel comfortable attending your children’s important life events with your ex?
10.Do you want to avoid losing your mind throughout this process?

If you answered “YES” to :

8-10 questions: The ALT DIVORCE WAY is for you! You’re our ideal client. Congratulations! Contact Us.

5-7 questions: You should consult one of our Case Managers to find out whether the ALT DIVORCE WAY might be for you. Contact Us

0-5 questions: ALT DIVORCE is not for you (boxing gloves are presently on sale at Sports Check..)



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