Ivezic, Manda

Ivezic, Manda
PO Box 39005, RPO Adelaide Ctr
London, Ontario N5Y 5L1
Phone: (226) 289-4172

Organization overview

I am a sole practitioner in London, Ontario. My practice serves workers and employers (particularly small businesses and start-ups) with various employment matters, including: termination, discipline, employment standards, health and safety, employment contracts, privacy, and settling and litigating disputes. I assist with Ontario Human Rights Code matters in the workplace context and beyond.

I appreciate the importance of accessing legal services at a reasonable cost. I am happy to discuss a fee arrangement that is sensitive to clients' financial circumstances.

If you think you may have an employment or human rights problem, I welcome you to contact me by phone or email to schedule a consultation.



Practice areas

Employment Law

Human Rights

Office hours

9-5 pm
Monday to Friday​