Morrissey, Philip B., Professional Corporation

Morrissey, Philip B., Professional Corporation
307 Commissioners Rd. W., Suite 3
London, Ontario N6J 1Y4
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Organization overview

Based in London, Ontario, Philip Morrissey Professional Corporation is dedicated to representing clients with their legal cases. Our attorneys specialize in a variety of areas, including commercial litigation, family law, and personal injury. With more than 35 years of industry experience, we have the skills and training to represent you. We can be there for you to aid in settling any matter, such as wrongful business dismissals, civil litigation, and car accident claims.

Unlike our competitors, our senior lawyer on staff provides personal attention to detail in every case. We also offer friendly, open lines of communication with all clients. All in all, we cannot wait to assist you with your legal matter, so contact us today.



Practice areas

Administrative Law

Employment Law

Personal Injury Law

Civil Litigation

Family Law

Commercial Law

Municipal Law