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Organization overview

At Calgary Family Law Associates, the client comes first.

We are a group of lawyers whose individual practices all have slightly different foci; we each work independently, but call upon each other as resources whenever necessary for the benefit of our clients.

We understand that most of our clients are going through some of the most difficult challenges of their lives; we dedicate ourselves to providing guidance while protecting their rights.

An Association Of Like-Minded Professionals

All of our lawyers have thriving practices in family law. Some of our lawyers also provide services in the wills and estates area of law, where they help clients with end-of-life planning and probate applications. Others include in the services offered, assistance with residential real estate transactions including sales, purchases and mortgages.

For most of us, our main focus is family law. We are more than just divorce lawyers; we provide assistance and information on all aspects of family law. Our services include:

Divorce and separation: This includes discussing all matters that must be settled when you separate, as well as processing the paperwork necessary even for uncontested divorces in Canada.

Property division: Determining how property should be divided, whether you are married or living common law, can become emotionally difficult and technically complex.

Spousal support: If support is appropriate, we can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable amount.

Custody, access and parenting arrangements: These can include highly emotional matters such as termination of parental rights and mobility issues along with a determination of where the children live and when they see each of their parents.

Child support: Determining child support involves making decisions about where children should live and determining parental income, and may become complicated depending on your unique family situation.

Child welfare: If your child is apprehended by social services, or there are concerns about their safety or welfare at home, we can help you understand what is going on and explain your situation to the authorities.

Grandparents' rights: We can help grandparents explore their options, especially if they have lost contact with their grandchildren or are worried about their safety.

Negotiating and drafting agreements: These include separation agreements, parenting, prenuptial and any other binding contracts that concern family law.

Family violence: Our work with victims of domestic violence includes those in short-term and long-term abusive relationships.

Adoption: We can help you welcome new members into your family, and provide Independent Legal Advice for birth parents, as well as assist with stepparent adoptions.

We advocate whichever approach will get our clients the best results for their circumstances, whether it involves litigation or alternatives like mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.



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