Inch Hammond Professional Corporation

Inch Hammond Professional Corporation
500-1 King St. W. Commerce Place
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4X8
Phone: (905) 525-4481
Toll free: 800-339-6086
Fax: (905) 525-0031

Organization overview

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, we have concentrated on serving the legal needs of Hamilton's business community since 1858. For more than a century, our clients have been small entrepreneurs, large corporations and everyone in between. We are here to give strategic advice about the legal implications of everyday business decisions, guide you through contract negotiation and drafting, and represent you in disputes.

As a midsize Hamilton law firm, we're small enough that we can navigate quickly through choppy legal waters like a speedboat, big enough that a large opponent won't capsize us like a canoe, and wise enough to not overuse seagoing metaphors to the point of annoyance.

As our client, you will get to know your legal team, and they will get to know you and your business and legal matters well. We are familiar with the details of our clients' businesses and able to address all of their business needs, from employment and real estate to taxation and litigation.



Practice areas

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Information Technology Law

Civil Litigation

Corporate & Commercial Law

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