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Like many legal firms Wynperle Law is a structured organization, but at the end of the day, our lawyers are a synergistic group of legal professionals who have chosen personal injury as their career path. We’re extremely proud of the wonderful chemistry that exists within our group. The same high levels of caring and compassion we show to our clients, we also show to each other every working day. These qualities are essential to our success as a law firm and one of the most important things we look for in the people who join our legal family as we grow.



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For a long time, the insurance company wanted to pay me nothing because I had returned to work so quickly after the accident. However, I was suffering pain on a daily basis. Wynperle helped by recommending health care professionals to provide me with the best treatment available. I am pleased that I chose Allen Wynperle to be my lawyer and I highly recommend him.
K.P., Grimsby

Initially, the insurance company did not want to pay me because I had returned to work. In fact, I received a promotion after my return to work following the accident. Despite my return to work, Wynperle Law was able to prove my potential for early retirement and future loss of income claims. I am happy to recommend them.
L.J., Hamilton

When I saw Wynperle Law about my long-term disability claim, they took charge from the beginning. In our first meeting, they provided me with a plan to fight the insurance company’s decision to deny my benefits. They got my disability benefits reinstated quickly. My family is grateful to Allen Wynperle and the entire firm for their assistance. Their door is always open to us if there are any further problems with the insurance company. Wynperle is not afraid of fighting the large insurance companies on behalf of individuals. I feel as though they helped level the playing field between me and the financial institution that wrote my insurance policy.
J.I., Hamilton

I am a single mother of three and have one child with a disability. Following my accident, I had a lot of neck, shoulder and headache pain. I was not in a financial position to pay a lawyer right away. Wynperle waited to be paid until the conclusion of the claim. Allen Wynperle and his staff worked hard on my accident benefits claim to ensure I got the proper rehabilitation. They also fought hard to pursue my lawsuit claim against the at-fault party. Allen always made me feel as though my claim and I mattered to him. I would be happy to recommend him to others who were injured in motor vehicle accidents.
S.H., Waterdown

Initially the insurance company for the at-fault driver did not want to pay me for injuries suffered in the accident. I had chronic pain and was not working as many hours as I did before the accident. Wynperle involved all the right health care professionals and experts in order to prove my claim. Shortly before the trial, the insurance company finally agreed to compensate me for loss of income, pain and suffering and loss of homemaking capacity. The Wynperle staff also helped with my accident benefits claim. They are always available to address the many issues with my own insurance company. I have no hesitation in recommending Wynperle Law
D.B., Dundas

I had been suffering chronic pain on and off for a number of years. Finally, I had to leave my job. After I stopped working, my group insurance company refused to pay disability benefits. A little over one year after I retained Wynperle Law, they had obtained a fair settlement for past and future long-term disability benefits. As well, they helped me with my CPP appeal and made sure that I obtained the disability pension available from my collective bargaining agreement. Allen Wynperle also organized the settlement in the most tax efficient manner. Allen and his firm thought of everything. I was impressed by their experience and efficiency. Allen and his staff treated me with respect and made me feel that both my case and I mattered. Having a source of income has given me back my dignity and helps to support my family. I have no hesitation recommending Wynperle Law.
J.R., Waterdown

Before I found Wynperle Law, I didn’t know where to turn for help. From the very first meeting, Allen Wynperle gave me direction and helped me feel confident again. Allen also helped me with my CPP disability claim and, following the appeal, we were successful. Allen has helped lift a financial burden that had started to pile up after I was unable to work.
I.A., Brantford

I came to Wynperle Law after a slip and fall injury. Before I arrived, I was not sure what could be done. I had fallen on the property of a big corporation that had denied my claim. I was missing time from work and I had trouble coping with the pain but Allen Wynperle helped me through the process. Allen and his staff were efficient and trustworthy. They always treated me with respect, offered guidance and continue to do so whenever I call for advice. The compensation Allen obtained for me helped reduce the stress on me and my family.
M.L., Hamilton

“I am happy that I involved Wynperle Law in my claim. Initially, my own insurance company sent out an occupational therapist who did not understand the severity of my problems or needs. Allen had no hesitation in referring me to an occupational therapist who worked hard to make my life easier and my home more comfortable for me. Allen was also able to direct me to other health care professionals as my case went along. Without the help of all of these people, I would have totally lost my independence after the accident. Allen also ensured that I received proper compensation to help pay for future expenses and damages. Wynperle Law has a very experienced staff that is caring and helpful. Allen treated me as he would his own mother. Thank you so much Allen. Keep on smiling.”
J.W., Hamilton