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Organization overview

A General Practice Firm For All Your Needs

My name is Josef-Jake Camacho Aguilar. I am a general practice lawyer. I practiced law in the Philippines for six years before I migrated to Toronto, Ontario in 2012, where I have been recognized by the LSO. I continue to practice law related to family matters, real estate, estates, corporate, criminal law and immigration.

As a general practice firm, my goal is to make sure you have everything you need to be as successful as possible. My passion for my practice is rooted in watching clients walk away from their legal matter in a much better position than when they came to see me.

Whether it's divorce or separation, buying your first home or filing your annual return, I will leverage my experience in different areas of the law to help you find the right solutions for your legal matter.

Connecting With Our Clients

I am thorough in my approach to your matter, with Filipino hospitality. My cultural upbringing allows me to help clients get comfortable with their legal matter and talk freely and openly about how they feel and what solutions they want to see.

We aim to earn your trust by being transparent and approachable. My staff will invite you into our office, and do what we can to accommodate you and put you at ease. Ultimately, we want to find a way to get you to smile and be happy.

We always find a way to connect with you. We add a personal touch to our approach beyond discussing the details of your case.

Legal Services For Filipinos And More

I can appreciate that many members of the Filipino community have concerns about relatives overseas and bringing them into Canada. I can speak, translate and offer legal services in Filipino, and help you navigate through the Canadian immigration system.

For every person in Toronto and surrounding cities, we will approach your case with careful analysis. We will sit with you and ask you all the questions we need in order to drill down to the main legal issues. We will advise you on how the law applies to your specific details, and what options you have to achieve your desired outcome, or get as close to it as possible.

Our goal is to provide our fellow Filipinos access to a legitimate law office which can assist them with their legal matters with care, honesty and professionalism.

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Schedule a consultation with JCA Law. Tell me about your legal issue and I will tell you how I can help. Call us at 1-855-522-5290 to set up a meeting. You can also send me an email or leave us a message on our Facebook page.

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